Health & Safety at Sanctuary Ranch

Safety is always at the forefront of Sanctuary Ranch. It allows us to do what we do and provide excellent customer service, and memorable experiences. Never more in our 40+ years is this truer than today. As we look to the season ahead, we have been working to plan and strengthen the health and safety of our team and clients. From our guides to our lodge staff, we have been working to make changes in our daily operations to benefit the health and safety of our clients without taking anything from the experience we pride ourselves in offering.

Due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Sanctuary Ranch is taking steps to implement CDC Guidance, State and Local Health Regulations to promote the best and safest experience possible at the ranch this season. This document outlines Sanctuary Ranch’s plan to mitigate the risk of contracting COVID-19 through preventative measures, as well as actionable processes to deal with symptomatic or sick employees and guests. This represents Sanctuary’s plan to date, though we recognize that this situation is evolving, dynamic and will require adjustment on the part of Sanctuary Ranch and our guests as new information or guidance arises. As the situation continues to unfold, this document and Sanctuary’s policies will be updated to stay compliant with CDC guidance, as well as State and Local Health Regulations.


  • All employees will be temperature checked on a daily basis
  • Provide COVID-19 awareness documents and safe travel information prior to their arrival to the ranch.


  • Upon arrival each client will be temperature screened. Any guests with a temperature of 100.4 or above will be isolated and not allowed on the property unless a negative test in confirmed. If a positive test is confirmed, Sanctuary Ranch will work with the guest to transition their trip.
  • Provide COVID-19 awareness documents and safe travel information prior to their arrival to the ranch.

While this plan is designed with our best efforts at the forefront, mitigation of the risks posed by COVID-19 are to an extent subject to adherence and discretion of our guests. Sanctuary Ranch is a social environment built on the mission of “providing legendary whitetail deer hunting experiences while forging life-long friendships.” We realize this might not be the time to visit for everyone, and if you are uncomfortable with travel and how this plan addresses your concerns, let us help you to find an alternative solution to visiting Sanctuary Ranch at this time. We also ask you to visit the site to evaluate whether you are considered high risk.

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