Hunters can choose from three different price packages. There are no extras or surprises. All of our whitetail deer hunters are guided 1×1 every day to ensure your success. Above all, this creates an experience that is unmatched in the hunting community.

Our 92% return client rate is only possible because of how much we focus on your complete experience.


Located in Michigan, Sanctuary Ranch is approximately four square miles. This consists of upland hardwood forest, interspersed with thick slash, creek bottoms, cedar swamp, open fields, and food plots. These diverse ecosystems offer numerous options for your daily whitetail deer hunting experience.


For hunters who seek record book whitetail deer this deer season, Sanctuary Gold Medal Hunts are considered a deer hunting fantasy without equal. When you set foot on one of our hunting ranches, you will be entering a trophy environment without equal. On this deer hunt, you will be entitled to harvest the mature whitetail buck of your choice. This comes without any additional trophy fees or limitations…



Silver Medal deer hunts were originally meant to be for management deer that lacked the genetic potential to reach Gold Medal status. Not anymore! These whitetail deer rival our Gold Medal deer from years past. As a result, for many deer hunters will be the largest bucks they’ll ever take. Gone are the days of the standard slick eight-point Silver Medal whitetail deer. Wide, high, heavy, typical, non-typical…