Project Description

Dylan W. Deer Hunt

Dylan – “Our first experience at Sanctuary was just jaw dropping. It has definitely been a one of a kind experience. The staff is awesome, there are great deer here, and it’s an overall good time. It’s definitely been a lot of fun, that’s for sure. Being in the lodge, being in the social room and just getting to be with the staff every day is an awesome experience. I was able to take two amazing, beautiful bucks and I got to watch both of them fall. Being able to also watch Shelbe get her biggest buck to date was a great moment.”

Shelbe – “My experience at Sanctuary was simply amazing. I’ll tell anyone and everyone to come to Sanctuary Ranch, I loved it so much. The hunt itself was incredible. I shot by far my biggest buck that I have shot to this date. I couldn’t even explain to you the feeling I had during and after the hunt. There were so many feelings going on. I was teary eyed from this incredible experience.”