Project Description


“In a nutshell, it’s been 10 years since my father CD & I have been to Sanctuary Ranch. 10 years ago, it was our 7th time in a row visiting the ranch. What brought us back here is the itch that you get in your heart to experience everything that sanctuary is about. Of course, there is world class whitetail, but everything else before the shot is really what we came back for. The people, the camaraderie, the incredible customer service, and the beautiful landscape are truly top notch. Of course, having my family here and my fiancé Liz shooting her first buck ever with me was awesome. The hunt itself couldn’t have gone any better. Before the hunt, our guides sat us down and had us explain our absolute best-case scenario, dream bucks. Sure enough, shortly after, both of those walked up for us and we were fortunate enough to put great shots on them.” 



“I was lucky enough to tag along on a hunt with Dennis and CD last year, and to be able to see how a regular, mainstream ranch runs. Coming to the Sanctuary is paradise. It’s such a step above the rest. The over the top passion, attention and true camaraderie that everyone here gives is absolutely incredible. Everybody at the ranch is on the same team for the same reasons and they’re all just so passionate about whitetail hunting that It makes it so much better than anywhere in the world. At the other outfitter we went to, everyone was there just for their own hunt. There wasn’t much camaraderie. At Sanctuary Ranch, everyone is so involved in everyone else’s hunt and there is so much more excitement across the board. It’s really like a family. I can’t imagine that after last year’s not so successful hunt and this year’s extremely successful hunt here that we would ever think about  going anywhere else again.”