Project Description

Christina L with Deer

       Christina L

“If you would have told me years ago that I would enthusiastically agree to a trip where I was to wake up each day at 4-something in the morning, leave the comfort of a bed piled high with warm fluffy covers, throw on layers of camo, head out of a cozy bungalow to climb into a big, dirty pickup truck and sit in the cool, dark woods for hours to watch… wait…and listen… I’d say you were absolutely crazy.

But to see the mist hug the forest floor just before dawn, to hear the birds come alive just as the sun begins to make its appearance on the horizon, and to witness Mother Nature’s magnificent script play out before me, I’d now say I’d be absolutely crazy to miss this. The distractions of modern life dissolve into the background and instead, the healing sights and sounds of nature take their rightful place center stage. My nerves slacken, the muscles in my jaw release and my cells reset to their natural rhythm. Each moment I am intensely present, and time appears to stall and fall back onto itself. The minutes stretch and lengthen and congeal in slow motion, and then eventually roll together to form a succession of hours that compress into what feels like the passing of an instant.

It is here that I settle back into myself, recharge, rejuvenate and enjoy the sweet presence of simply being. It is here that I unexpectedly, surprisingly and proudly now call myself an outdoors-woman.”