Located in central Michigan, the Sanctuary Ranch is legendary within the deer hunting industry. Founded in 1978, Sanctuary has become the Mecca of whitetail deer hunting enthusiasts. The ranch is approximately four square miles in size with high hills and gullies, thick hardwood slash and cedar swamps. The Sanctuary has intensely managed whitetail deer for almost thirty years.


Our incredible harvest records are the result of over 30 years of intensive deer management. Above all, these whitetail deer are born and spend their entire life in a wild environment. As a result, this native Michigan whitetail deer herd has become world-renowned.  Renowned biologist and outdoor writer Larry Weishuhn said that these were some of the smartest and most elusive whitetail bucks he has ever hunted.

The Sanctuary is the best – bar none! So don’t waste another season looking for the whitetail deer hunting experience of a lifetime. The time has come for you to experience the best. The time has come for you to visit the Sanctuary.