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For hunters who seek a top record book gold buck, the Sanctuary Gold Medal Hunt is considered a whitetail hunting fantasy without equal. When you set foot on one of our ranches, you will be entering a distinguished trophy environment. At Sanctuary Ranch, more record-class gold bucks can be found than anywhere else on earth.

On this Gold Medal Hunt, you will be entitled to harvest the mature gold buck of your choice without any additional trophy fees or limitations.

We cannot offer a sure thing. But, what we can offer is the most unique guarantee in the hunting world today. In keeping with our long-standing policy, we will refund 50% of the cost of the hunt to any guest who chooses not to, or fails to, harvest a Gold Medal buck. That’s how confident we are that you will find your dream buck within Sanctuary Ranch, the ultimate destination for the whitetail connoisseur.

All Gold Medal Hunts are five-day, 1×1 guided adventures. Prices for Gold Medal Hunts range from $14,000 – $23,000, depending upon the dates chosen within the season. Over the last three years, Gold bucks harvested have posted scores that range from 200 – 400+ SCI.